Transform Your Ceremony: Elegant Melodies, Perfect Moments

From Connecticut to Massachusetts and Rhode Island, our musical brilliance ensures a magical ceremony that’s uniquely yours.

Captivating Music


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Magical Ambiance

Are you worried your wedding ceremony might lack a soul-stirring soundtrack that matches your heartfelt moments? Imagine your special day void of melodies that echo your romance, evoking emotions in your guests. Without the right music, cherished memories might fade away unnoticed. But, picture this – entrancing melodies harmonizing with your journey, turning every moment into a magical symphony. Let us weave music into your ceremony, etching every note into the memory of your perfect day.

Why Us

Uniquely Crafted Elegance for Your Wedding Cocktail Hour in Hartford

We bring refined sophistication and seamless artistry to Hartford’s wedding scenes. With an extensive repertoire, from esteemed venues to backyard weddings, we’ve been leaving indelible impressions on couples and guests alike. Our local knowledge allows us to curate the perfect musical ambiance, elevating every cocktail hour to an unforgettable experience.

Our music consultation process ensures a memorable wedding soundtrack perfectly suited to your ceremony. We work with you to curate the perfect selections for you ceremony. We include up to three custom arrangements for any songs not already have in our repetoire, giving you the ultimate in wedding ceremony customization.

Sample Playlist

Discover our hand-picked sample playlist for an enchanting wedding ceremony. Each playlist is meticulously tailored to your desires, ensuring your big day resonates with your unique style and preferences. Explore a glimpse of what your ceremony could be:

Prelude: 1. What a Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong

2. All of Me – John Legend

3. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

Procession of the Wedding Party: Here, There and Everywhere – The Beatles

Procession of the Bride/Newlywed: A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Unity Candle: Ave Maria – Schubert

Recessional: Here Comes the Sun- the Beatles

Postlude: 1. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder 

2. I Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley

3. Simply the Best – Noah Reid 

Remember, this is just a glimpse! Your ceremony playlist will be tailored to reflect your personal love story and musical tastes.

Discover Unbeatable Value in Every Package!

At Jay Daly Guitars, we offer tailored quotes to match your unique event vision. Starting at just $495, our packages encompass an array of offerings, including:

The artistry of a highly skilled guitarist

(valued at $500)

Premium instruments and exceptional sound quality

(valued at $10,000)

A wealth of experience from 100s of events

(beyond measure)

Exclusive event music playlists

($200 value)

A comprehensive music consultation

($250 value)

A priceless venue site visit

Elevate your event with our comprehensive and unmatched packages designed to make your occasion a true sensation!

The Guarantee

Cocktail Hour Excellence Assured!

We guarantee an exceptional performance tailored to your vision. Should any aspect fall short of your expectations, we promise to rectify it promptly to ensure your satisfaction.

The Guide

Your Journey to Exceptional Music Starts Here

Planning a remarkable event involves numerous decisions. At Jay Daly Guitars, we comprehend the intricacies of orchestrating memorable occasions. With over hundreds of successful events under our belt, we pride ourselves on being your trusted musical ally. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gala, or private soirée, count on us to craft enchanting musical experiences that resonate with your guests. Fill out the form below to embark on this melodic journey towards an extraordinary event!

Booking Process

3 Easy Steps to Secure Musical Brilliance for Your Event

Step 1

Check Availability & Obtain Pricing:

Fill out our inquiry form to verify our availability for your event date and receive a personalized pricing quote tailored to your needs.

Step 2

Secure Your Date:

Once confirmed, secure your preferred date swiftly by signing our online contract and submitting a booking fee. This guarantees our exclusive presence at your event.

Step 3

Music Consultation Meeting:

Let’s dive into the details! Schedule a personalized music consultation where we’ll discuss your event’s specifics, ensuring a seamless and magical musical experience.

Meet Jay Daly: Your Musical Architect

Hi there, I’m Jay Daly, the music director behind the strings and melodies of Jay Daly Guitars. My journey into the world of music began at a young age, where the passion for playing the guitar bloomed. Music, to me, is a language that transcends words, emotions, and time, weaving its magic into the very fabric of our lives.

My passion for live music deepened when I first witnessed the transformative power of jazz at a cocktail hour. The ambiance shifted as my music resonated with the guests, elevating the entire event to an unforgettable affair. That moment ignited my commitment to curating musical experiences that touch hearts, spark joy, and create cherished memories for all present.

I invite you to embark on a musical journey with me. Let’s craft your event into an extraordinary, harmonious experience that lingers in memories long after the last note is played. Get in touch, and let’s start orchestrating your unforgettable event together.

Wedding Ceremony Performances: Answers to Your Questions

What kind of music genres do you perform for wedding ceremonies?
I specialize in a diverse range of genres, including romantic ballads, contemporary hits, timeless classics, acoustic melodies, and jazz standards. My goal is to craft a playlist that reflects your unique style and preferences.
Can we personalize the song selections for our ceremony?
Absolutely! I work closely with couples to curate a personalized playlist that encapsulates their love story. Whether it’s a special song for the processional or a heartfelt tune during the unity candle ceremony, the music will be tailored to your preferences.
Do you provide your own equipment for the ceremony?
Yes, I bring along high-quality professional equipment, ensuring optimal sound quality and performance. You can relax knowing that every musical note will be clear and resonant throughout the ceremony.
Are you willing to learn new songs that are not in your repertoire?

Of course! I understand that certain songs hold immense significance for couples. If there’s a particular piece you’d like to include in your ceremony that isn’t part of my current repertoire, I’m more than happy to learn and perform it for you.

How do we schedule a consultation to discuss our ceremony music?
It’s simple! Feel free to reach out through the contact form on my website or give me a call directly. We’ll set up a convenient time for us to meet and discuss the musical details of your special day.